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by Tay Sean

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Flesh temple, house a god
Sensory perception to explore facade
Serpentine spine like a lightening rod
Kundalini climb to the heights, beyond

Muhfuckas think we slightly odd
But they dont really know what type of flight we on
Third eye blind, calcified, disabled
You should open your mind, sometimes thats painful

My sister think its reality shows on cable
My brother on the xbox dead playin halo
Crown chakra stay low
Aint that just how the game go?

360 with no kinect
Boob tube, youtube, internet
These bitches aint bad, they just disrespect
These rappers aint hard, dawg, they hardly spit

Young, bhodisattva, heart chakra, solar plexus
Rock with baba, do pranayama to draw my breath in
Khabalibati, god body, pure intention
Swami, Swanny, only in the 3rd dimension

Tryna keep my chakras pure
But I done smoked so many squares that my tonsils hurt
Ima utter these mantras, we gotsta learn
They say you only live once, but Im not so sure


My heart un-tame, my brain unchained

Drop jewel off top the crown chakra
Fuck round might bounce some sound off ya
Duck down, block-blocka, heartbeat stoppa
Chief rocka, Shaka, no peace offer
Fuck police, off em, fuck bitches often
I was born on this planet but fuck livin on it
Channel game through the synth component
That kinda hitcha dont it, like when you sit in lotus
My people dipped in dopeness, as if you didnt know this
We goin, goin, gone, I'm on
Im Swanny, Im ornery, these people all zombies
You suckas can't, see me, let alone, find me
I'm Skyway the flight base airstrip, style-y on the snare hit
I channel game on the mikey, uh
Already know the neighbors dont like me
Cuz I does it nothing lightly, light beams, light beings
Young Taylor drip flavor like ice cream melt
The only chief is Chief Si'ahl so the styles is felt


released May 9, 2016
Written and produced by Tay Sean
Mixed by Erik Blood at Black Space [Seattle, WA]
Mastered by Adam Straney at BreakPoint Mastering [Seattle, WA]

Art by Tay Sean


all rights reserved



Tay Sean Seattle, Washington

Compatible with the shit.

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