by Tay Sean

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Audio Texture Versatile lyrical delivery, broken beats, traditional hip hop beats, future jazz wig outs, killer soulful vocal additions, cosmic beats, more funk than Dam - it's all here and more wrapped up in one of the most exciting urban music albums to hit the shelves this year. Every track is great there is no filler, full support and radio play coming up. Favorite track: Kathedral Spectre.
Gary Campbell
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Gary Campbell Tay Sean has such a way with beats. While listening to this 2016 masterwork I found myself semi-unconsciously cataloging all the percussive sounds, their variety and all the off notes and the ones that are right on. (And losing count...) Find the groove and you're bobbing your head throughout. The interplay of rap and singing and vocal samples deepens further, particularly when the voices themselves become momentum. Gorgeously dense, there are many more layers yet to peel from this alien onion. Favorite track: Supramundane.
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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Limited edition LP on opaque white vinyl with original artwork by Tay Sean.

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released September 20, 2016

All songs written and produced by Tay Sean
"Um Tryin" written by Tay Sean and JusMoni

Recorded at Cloud Nice [Seattle, WA]
Mixed by Erik Blood at Black Space [Seattle, WA]
Mastered by Adam Straney at BreakPoint Mastering [Seattle, WA]

Album art by Tay Sean


all rights reserved



Tay Sean Seattle, Washington

Compatible with the shit.

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Track Name: Australopithecus
Animal ignorance
Natural mystic shit
Natural impetus

Astral influence
Gradual increments
Magical instruments
Radical dissonance

Manifold internets
We all disconnect
We all discontent
Compatible with the shit

National citizens
Atonal syndicated
Masterful hyprocrites
Capital interests

Racks, hows that stack against the infinite
Black, we all go back, jack, we in this bitch
Trapped, I'm almost tapped, dawg, I finna dip
Straps, they want me clapped, dawg, they finna miss

I'm in the 6
Up on benefit
Yeah, I'm in the 6
Three 7s bitch
Track Name: Dawn Chorus
They say
You aint really real, less you really a rider

And they say
You aint really down, less you ready to die for

And they pray
Pray that a stray don't find em

They sprayed up Mayas
They peeled of they caps, then peeled out they tires

They singin strap lullabies
Better bring a black bow tie
How you gonna get back when the bullets fly
Through the drivers side, call it ghost ride

He spent all his chips to update his whip

But extended clips they gon truncate your trip
Homie real quick

Aw, what a pity

The bullshit missed me, the bullets hit me

(Wonder if heavens fuckin wit me)
I thought I'd live to be a hundred fifty
Now my futures history, the beat simply
Fade out

(Do my soul live on if I'm braindead?)
Or do my body respond like in COD?
Or if the clock don't tick, do the game end?
(I think you'll have a nice dream)

Khamora, Malik, Nolan, Ezekiel
Hannuk (I see you pretty little girl)
Mama, I love you, Saway you my buaté
Pray that I'ma see you on the other side
Will I meet God?
Pharaoh and Phoenix, Yasmine and Jihad
(It'll be Ok)
Keep on, keep on
Track Name: Supramundane
Flesh temple, house a god
Sensory perception to explore facade
Serpentine spine like a lightening rod
Kundalini climb to the heights, beyond

Muhfuckas think we slightly odd
But they dont really know what type of flight we on
Third eye blind, calcified, disabled
You should open your mind, sometimes thats painful

My sister think its reality shows on cable
My brother on the xbox dead playin halo
Crown chakra stay low
Aint that just how the game go?

360 with no kinect
Boob tube, youtube, internet
These bitches aint bad, they just disrespect
These rappers aint hard, dawg, they hardly spit

Young, bhodisattva, heart chakra, solar plexus
Rock with baba, do pranayama to draw my breath in
Khabalibati, god body, pure intention
Swami, Swanny, only in the 3rd dimension

Tryna keep my chakras pure
But I done smoked so many squares that my tonsils hurt
Ima utter these mantras, we gotsta learn
They say you only live once, but Im not so sure


My heart un-tame, my brain unchained

Drop jewel off top the crown chakra
Fuck round might bounce some sound off ya
Duck down, block-blocka, heartbeat stoppa
Chief rocka, Shaka, no peace offer
Fuck police, off em, fuck bitches often
I was born on this planet but fuck livin on it
Channel game through the synth component
That kinda hitcha dont it, like when you sit in lotus
My people dipped in dopeness, as if you didnt know this
We goin, goin, gone, I'm on
Im Swanny, Im ornery, these people all zombies
You suckas can't, see me, let alone, find me
I'm Skyway the flight base airstrip, style-y on the snare hit
I channel game on the mikey, uh
Already know the neighbors dont like me
Cuz I does it nothing lightly, light beams, light beings
Young Taylor drip flavor like ice cream melt
The only chief is Chief Si'ahl so the styles is felt
Track Name: Kathedral Spectre
A haunted house with the doors open
A lost & found power source flowin
A pinwheel in the middle of my rib cage
An ancient order with the twin blades
A solemn pact with the loas
Just watch how we act when we ghost up
It flows thru, it don't come from
A new beat on an old drum
Track Name: Um Tryin ft. JusMoni
Get the fuck away
I'm tryin... I'm tryin

Tryna say
I'm tryin... I'm tryin

You be, you be,
All up in my ear bout something
I can't give in
Cuz we'll be at it again

I heard mami you was loco
But you got me in circles
That cocoa butter skin
Just wanna fall in

And now we're at it again
Track Name: I Guess...
Unanointed, self-appointed
Kings of clones, charicatures
Feeble hoes unfit to serve
The weekest thrones, from which you perch
Each his poems more sick than yours
No medicines, no instant cures
No hex, no hymn can't life the curse
You'd better get some different swerve
Irreverent and immature,
The excrement your lips procure
A rhetoric of simps, and surely
Eloquence has skipped your turn
Your temperament is insecure
Attention, yes, a bitch's thirst
You represent a wicked work
Of benefit to misters, sirs
Swallow all the shit they serve
Follow just the simplest urges
Life's a bitch, who hit it first?
You'll never get what's in her purse

Your gang is just some strength in numbers
Your game? Ages 8 and under
You're lame and unimpressive lover
Your cake never stretchin rubber
Your drugs is just your fashion statement
Your thug? An exaggeration
Your love the same as masturbation
Your raps lack imagination
Your image is some movie actin
Your niche is in a beauty pageant
Your bitch is an aspiring ratchet
Your snitchin, an undying habit

Your social life is a popularity contest
At best

Your dope and vices a constant therapy process
Jah bless

And they claim that they ascended, I'm offended
Cuz what they represented wasn't sevens
And they say they stay suspended, they pretendin (that aint fly)
We all in the same dimension, they forgettin (but we try)

Pseudo-swaggin, quasi-posi
Pundits of the posin
The public's spoken
Babylon's incumbents have been chosen
Ya aint never bossy, anti-flossy
Fakers of the funk
Just flavors of the month
Cuz youza dranker of the punch, ooh

Your persona is a parody
Your ego is embarrassing
Your ethos is of pharisees
Your credo lacks sincerity
Your steelo don't compare to heem
Your intellect, a barren tree
Your pimpin is a charity
Your bitch is always where we be
Your loyalty is a bandwagon
Your friendship is a transaction
Your poems are personal me parties
Your turn up is a tea party

Your all good is a falsehood in the flesh,
A mess

I guess that's what they callin fresh,
I guess

Does the shoe fit?
What's the movement?
Where they do this?
Is this the new shit?
Track Name: Higher Vibrations
Higher vibrations

Slap high fives wit my comrades
Slap the sky off the launchpad
Contact high, where da gawd at
Caught bad vibes, dawg I'm off that
So hi-fi wit the bom blaps
I'm at Lo-fi wit the Bobcatt
We off the top, pop a shroom cap
We so nonstop where they do that?

High vibrate, mind straight violet ultra
We skyscrape like Tahoma
Curvy shapes gyrate in the corna
Shake ta eat my cake wit the door shut

We so supernova
Move in RPM and do donuts

Higher vibrations
Track Name: FML
When I'm loaded I'll call all the girls I've ever loved
In my life

And in the morning I'll text all the girls I'm thinkin of
Don't think twice

I know I'm not the dream you had
I can't be what you want me to

And I'm not the fantasy you had
I'm much more than that

When I'm loaded I'll call all the girls I've ever loved
In my life

And in the morning I'll text all the girls I'm thinkin of
Don't think twice

When I'm hungover I'll recall the girls I'm dreamin of
All damn night

And when I'm sober I'll see all the girls I'm singin of
Fuck my life
Track Name: Space Madness
This is
Photon packet passion
Electric magnet magic
Opposite attraction happens
Attachment overload bandwidth
This is madness
Space madness

Wonder will she suck me up
Blackhole vacuum succubus
Parasite parasol princess
Swallow starlight with all her kisses
Wonder do she know
She haunt me like a part-time ghost
Underneath eyelids, a private show
What sweet violence, hearts to eat whole
Track Name: Pisces Twilight
Makes me feel some type of way
Track Name: Zoroastrian Bridge
Come, get wet
Let us absorb all of this bliss
All evidence suggests

The sun, its fresh
Moon stars and planets are auspicious
We are, blessed

One, the flesh
Mind body soul are not so disparate
Within and without mesh

Lets run, to yes
A light that flickers in the distance
A question and a quest

Go down
Go down
Go down
Go down

I know we all just tryin hard to exorcise some demons
And bossin up to floss and brush off dirt feels like some freedom
I know we tryna eat, consider what it is we eatin
What is this they feedin us, this bullshit in the media
To make you feel inadequate is they fix, but don't believe em
Just wait on God till she give you the nod, and then you grease em

Breathe in
Then come up

I remembered who I are
The stuff of stars
I hid behind some bars
Like tints on shiny cars (I know)
Know not from whence I came
My purpose, it evades me
Then surface in my daydreams
This world is, its so crazy dawg
I'm tryin
I'm tryin