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by Tay Sean

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Drivin south for eight hours Rain showers in my rear view I hope you miss me when I’m gone Sleepin on a farm (havin blue dreams) Cruisin round with my moonroof cracked Through Issaquah, Google Maps I always call you when I’m lost You say I only call you when I’m sauced I’m on the I-5 in my mama’s Civic Automatic, transmission The fuzz on the radio, I see the state patrol Got 50 pounds of dro (but I can’t blow it) Whippin that G-ride through Mill Creek 180 on that E-break And we lost all control (Village Green Drive) I was whippin that G-ride through May’s Pond 180, and the engine stalled And we lost all control (Village Green Drive) That was the night that we fucked in the car Up under the stars Let the engine run, heaters off, windows cracked, put it in park Just put it in (uh) Let me come in. It’s feeling like firmament bustin apart Just when it arc When we hit it so deep it was as if I punctured your heart Doesn’t it smart? Spark ignition, start your engine, technician all under your hood, is it good? I shouldn’t drive with this heart condition, plus I love how you grip on this wood Our transmissions slippin, fluid drippin, trippin, what am I missin, the exit? What are we listenin to, Endless? Reminescin bout our friendship Soul connection, codependent copilot, go find it, don’t need no directions Flyin through the intersections with someone as fine as you, did I finesse it? Yellow turn all of that redness, bend over show me your entrance I always come to the island, you don’t be comin to Prentice But I won’t drive in Beijing, I got a Orca card For that yellow line thirteen (thirteen!)
[OCnotes] You can’t turn me down Yeah You should know by now You can’t turn me down Yeah [Tay Sean] Right place, wrong time Tight space, offside All up in my face, all the time Just wanna get away, Long drive I’m unlucky So damn unlucky Yeah, yeah She goin through my phone Drunk nights, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) Fuck, fight, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) Scum life, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) Sunlight, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) [OCnotes] You can’t turn me down [Tay Sean] Turnt up, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) Turnt out, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) Burn up, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) Burnt out, c’mon (yeah, yeah, yeah) I’m so damn unlucky Even when I get lucky Fuck my life, fuck me, can’t trust me Far as I can throw I’m tryin today To find a way To make it okay To make me okay
Pull up in the Lex, that’s a foreign Gold around my neck like I’m Horus Sorry if I come off like an asshole Fat nose ring, jewels are assorted Saturn on my rib, that’s in orbit Patterns on the grid when I forage You aint gotta worry if it’s natural Pop a handful, trippin in the forest Sometimes I chop it up before I snort it And we might chop it up until the mornin Damn why I had to do a whole gram tho Fuck it I’m a free man like Morgan But too much of the same be gettin borin And we be in the basement recordin On God everybody wanna rap, though Y’all need a Plan B, abort it Gotta get a check ,that’s important Hard work ain’t went unrewarded This for all the homies trappin out the bando Get em bands, stay free, quash the warrant My people reachin out and I’m supportive But if you don’t show up, then that’s a forfeit Gotta put it on for the fam, though Get it how I live and don’t force it [Wishbaby] I stress bout thoughts of you, I love it all I fell in love with you and all your flaws Pull up in the Benz, foreign Gold around my neck, Horus You ain’t gotta worry when it’s natural Pop a handful, trippin in the forest [Tay Sean] I’m a step up in this bitch, adorned My bitch lookin like Storm Ya bitch lookin like she really ain’t yours Long dark hair like I’m Super Saiyan 4 You ain’t never seen nothin like me before Baby, you ain’t never seen nothin of the sort Cuz I do my own thing and it’s fresh, yeah All these muhfuckas immature Gettin paid, that’s a motto I endorse Drippin swag that was bottled at the source And when my cohorts hold court It’s gang-gang-gang, like I’m fuckin with the Moors I’m Seatown to the core South End, baby, I ain’t never been on tour This beat hittin like it’s third world war And I’ma keep lickin like it’s girl-girl porn
King Solomon had many wives All of them fly like the friendly skies Sim-salla-bim, homie, blink an eye He’ll take your bottom bitch for a concubine Me, I’m highborn like the sovereign kind You was born high, homie, octave nine Them lukewarm lines not as hot as mines How my drops combine, it’s not rocket science In these modern times you will often find That when you pull up in the gold, they try and block your shine And they be talkin out the neck, talkin off the side Now this muhfucka done lost his mind I must be missin my mind Or am I missin you? Missin from my life Whatever it may be You’re fuckin with me King Solomon was very wise When you free in 5D, there be many sides When the sun’s in the sky, there be plenty light But them feelings come and go like an ebbing tide Them really want to know what the sex is like? We ain’t gotta wait until the next life Do he got the nerve? Ooh, bitch I might Makin sounds when we swerve, that’s that shit I like The girl isn’t mine, but she doth oblige And they be hatin on your guy when they prosthletyze Did he cross the line when she crossed his mind? Now this muhfucka done lost his mind
Maury 02:31
Ever since I got a few chips They tryna say that Tay switched I aint switch, I evolved You actin like a lil bitch Damn it’s a trip (Delta) Close homies be the ones that’ll talk the most (plop) But aint called in a grip (Hella) Tryna read my mind, homie read my lips Real spit Even when I was broke I was rich Why don’t you find your niche ‘Steada worryin bout me and how I feed my kids Say I sound like Ish (I wish) From the Town, talk slick like Rick (lodi dodi) Tryna pound my fist, that’s rich You a underground clown like It (hi, Georgie) Your whole style boring Bein swang is a thing, in your dreams Yall muhfuckas corny This is a warning Day ones be the ones that be tryna have your things Ride witchu on the sure things When you need em most, muhfuckas ghost, hear the door swing True story Can’t none of y’all do nothin for me Tryna sip my forty But when my solo shit dropped, not one of y’all support me Tryna say you a Moor, whore please I’m a boss, y’all lost like Dory Tryna fuck my shorty? That’s poetry Are y’all done gettin sonned like Maury?
Life just be comin for your ass at 300 million meters per second To follow the chart to however my heart is, regardless, it’s reckless, I reckon My preference to dive in the deep end, depending on if it’s the deepest and wettest Now 15,000 pounds of pressure be pressin on every square inch of my presence The world is twistin at a thousand miles an hour, how’s I’m bout to get a grip? Alcoholic in the whip, cocaine throat drip, won’t lift Weight of the world on my shoulders be heavy all on my deltoids and trapezius Gotta go through it to get to it, nobody said it’d be easy, but baby I’m strong (I’m wrong), I’m bad (I’m bold) I’m off (I’m on), I’m hot (I’m cold) I’m on my bull (it’s getting old) My mood swings to opposite poles (The rent was due a day ago) My check was blew on play with nose (I’m stressin, foo, my paper’s low) I’m binge-watchin these nature shows (I ain’t bout shit, the game is on) I argue with my baby’s mom (I need a job, she hatin on) I wonder where my day has gone (I tapered off that Hennessy) I totaled the Inifiniti (These hoes deplete my energy) I’m bout to have some twins to feed
Water Signs 04:03
Rat Park 03:40
Smokin, and drinkin And killing ourselves slowly Together My pleasure to be in the company Of someone who enjoys as much as me A cigarette The liquor sets the mood to do A line or two, then fight with you Till sunrise The good times I’ve had with you But nothing holds a candle to Us killing ourselves slowly Together Greener grass Never ever seems to last Seasons pass I think I’m bout to leave your ass It’s time Time to put some things that I like in my life Lean into this family life Make sure that my cash is right Focus on my passions like Do some things I actually like Smoke indigo indica Stretch and watch French cinema Dip to the Olympics Picnic on the peninsula Meditate on Moroccan rugs Give thanks and embody love Lift weights and get hella buff Takin psychadelic drugs Vitamins and minerals Eat my fruits and vegetable Ease into that ebb and flow I’m learnin how to let shit go I had to let you go And I hope there’s no hard feelings I know it’s so hard feeling this way And I will always cherish our time
What can I do for you What can I do for you What can I do for you What can I do What can I do for you I bust a move for you, jump through a hoop for you What can I do for you Yeah, yeah What can I do for you What can I (wooooo) Pickin up the kids and drop em to school for you What can I do you for Lately I been feelin lame I give you room and board I even do the chores, how can I do some more I let you use the car Bring it back with the tank empty, leave my bank empty Fuck around and leave the drank empty How the fuck I’m supposed to pay every Goddamn bill Are you fuckin for real Did you think they was gon pay themselves? How can I help? Uh What can I do for you What can I do for you What can I do for you How you gon use me today What can I offer you I’m givin you all of this game, yeah That’s how I ride for you I pluck a star out the sky for you, fuck it I’d die for you Make sacrifice for you You don’t know what type of bullets I bite for you I can’t rely on you But fuck it I tried for you What can I do for you What can I do for you When you finna reciprocate How you finna pull your weight I know we don’t need the same things I just wanna meet you halfway Travel halfway around the world for you Every day I’m puttin in the work for you You be fillin ashtrays with all them Turkish Royals When I’m gonna get what I deserve? It’s no use It’s no use I know you, You won’t do Bend over back for you, I blow a stack for you You still be actin like I don’t do jack for you Havin my back, is that too much to ask from you? We wasn’t happy, I did what I had to do What can I do you for Lately I been feelin drained Bitch I’m the plug, you on life support I already pay too much child support, I can’t provide no more That’s what I am to you Mothafuckin ATM for you Another bottle for your friends for you Sleepin while I watch the kids every Goddamn time (goddamn, goddamn) Do you even try? How you finna justify? How can I oblige What can I do for you What can I do for you
Scar Tissue 03:41
You the one put your hands on me I the one, I was tryin to leave I was tryna find my keys How the fuck could you lie on me? You didn’t care I was holdin Z You didn’t care the twins was both sleep How could you withhold from me? Why you take em both from me? The marks on my body They read like a history of violence They won’t let me forget Scars on my surface They serve as a permanent reminder A body of evidence And the bruises will heal with time But the way that I feel inside Know I’m worth so much more Makes it hurt so much more Why’s it always gotta end in a fight? I don’t wanna go to jail tonight And fuck what you said, bitch, that’s a lie I’m losin, losin my mind Losin, losin my mind My mind The frame of the end of the hallway I patched up with glue (tryna hold my shit together) The chips in these beautiful hardwoods I feel through my shoes (every step I take) The wind blows through holes in my front door, that shit still aint cool (I’m still hot about that shit) The plant by the sofa which once bore such succulent fruit And the wounds will heal with time But I still won’t change my mind I deserve so much more Makes it hurt so much more Why’s it always gotta end in a fight? I don’t wanna go to jail tonight And fuck what you said, bitch, that’s a lie I’m losin, losin my mind Losin Rat parks and scratch marks My heart has built ramparts I can’t watch the bad parts Your awful, that part You borrowed my cash card That bottle you asked for You got trashed then flashed Then you crashed on the back porch I fall through that trap door And fall on my ass hard I’ve swallowed my last sword My torso got mad scars The contusions will heal with time But I ain’t gonna let that shit ride


released November 26, 2021

All songs produced by Tay Sean
Recorded and mixed by Tay Sean at Cloud Nice (Seattle, WA)
Mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering (Portland, OR)

Album Art by Tay Sean


all rights reserved



Tay Sean Seattle, Washington

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